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Thank you for your interest in the CATCH MY DRIFT Series powered by CLEAN CULTURE. These rules were chosen to offer the competitors equitable, yet safe, events. If anyone requires clarification on any rule set forth herein, they are directed to email those inquires to All drivers and teams are encouraged to read these rules carefully and thoroughly. All Judged decisions are final with an appropriate means to appeal set forth herein below.

For all sponsorship and vendor inquiries please e-mail

To register your vehicle, please pick one of the 50K events and follow the fast and easy registration process by clicking here.

The following events are part of the 50K series:

4/22 Lanier Raceway, ATL

6/24 Florence Speedway, SC

7/22 ZMAX Dragway, NC

8/12 Dominion Raceway, VA

9/16 ATL Motor Speedway, ATL

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